Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge

Can you eat a delicious and filling meal for $1.87?
Can you also lose weight and get more healthy by consuming that same meal?*

If you are wondering if you can make it through the 90 days, read this:
This 10 year old little boy dropped 20% of his total body weight during his 90 Day Challenge.* He said, “The shakes are like getting desert for your meal.” He did not change his level of activity during his 90 days, and he, as well as his parents, are thrilled with the outcome.

Day 1
Day 30
Day 60
Day 90
Chest = 31.5″
Chest = 30″
Chest = 28″
Chest = 28″
Waist = 32.5″
Waist = 30″
Waist = 27.5″
Waist = 27″
Hips = 34.5″
Hips = 33″
Hips = 30″
Hips = 29″
111.2 lbs.
101 lbs.
94.8 lbs.
90.0 lbs.
So simple and delicious a kid with no willpower had great success, so you certainly can also!*

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